Leadership Coaching


Leadership is hard. Leadership is lonely. Sometimes you need a safe place to hear yourself think or to process a dilemma which will have many unintended consequences. I am that safe place. Let's work together to solve your dilemmas. I can help you find clarity and give you a space to process your thoughts.

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“I got the $8,000 raise I was afraid to ask for”



“I gained the courage to throw my hat in the ring”



“Now I understand the meeting before the meeting and was fully prepared for the high stakes discussion”



“I see my options more clearly now, many I did not know where available to me”



Leadership Coaching

$5000/3 month or $8000/6 months

flexible scheduling

  • Weekend and evening coaching to fit busy physician schedule

  • FREE 30 minute pre-intake consult to assure that we are a good fit

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