Leadership Coaching


Leadership is hard. Leadership is lonely. Sometimes you need a safe place to hear yourself think or to process a dilemma which will have many unintended consequences. I am that safe place. Let's work together to solve your dilemmas. I can help you find clarity and give you a space to process your thoughts.

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“I got the $8,000 raise I was afraid to ask for”



“I gained the courage to throw my hat in the ring”



“I now get home in time to eat dinner with my kids instead of charting”



“I see my options more clearly now, many I did not know where available to me”



One on One Leadership Coaching

$5000/3 month or $8000/6 months

flexible scheduling

  • Weekend and evening coaching to fit busy physician schedule

  • FREE 30 minute pre-intake consult to assure that we are a good fit

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Small Group Coaching

$1500 for 6 months

Safe space

  • Monthly 90 minute group coaching
  • Build your tribe of like minded physicians
  • CME available
  • Build your skills (goal setting, negotiation, executive presence, life-work balance, allies, mentors  and sponsors )

Trainee Discounted Group Coaching


Over 50% discount

  • Join same monthly coaching sessions 
  • Gain confidence and networking

Pay monthly installments: $250 each

$250 per month x 6

Easy Yes

  • Great Group Coaching
  • Try Coaching for first time
  • Can be professional expense (speak with your accountant)